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How To Teach


Homiletics: Modern definition: “The art of preaching.” Webster’s 1828 definition: “A branch of practical theology, which teaches the manner in which ministers of the gospel should adapt their discourses to the capacities of their hearers, and pursue the best methods of instructing them by their doctrines and examples.” Getting started: When you begin to think […]

Living Like Jesus Did in Grace and Truth


While Jesus Christ was full of both grace and truth, most people, due to character and inclinations, tend to lean toward one or the other. While some see the greatest value in the truth and find a lot of meaning in life by knowing and acting on what is true, others find great enjoyment in […]

Full of Grace and Truth


When we consider all the qualities that Jesus demonstrated, it is amazing that in John 1:14 God reduces them down to just two: grace and truth. Traditionally people put the majority of their focus on one or the other, but doing both at the same time can be quite challenging. Author Randy Alcorn states, “Truth […]

Knowledge and Obedience

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This month we are blessed to provide you with a two part teaching on obedience presented by John Schoenheit and Dan Gallagher. Knowing the truth is important, but God wants us to couple our knowledge with obedience. In Part One, The Obedience Model of Pleasing God, John Schoenheit demonstrates how it is more important to […]

Building an Enduring Work of Truth


In this teaching Dan Gallagher explores in detail the scriptural basis for Spirit and Truth Fellowship’s vision, which is Building an Enduring Work of Truth. In doing so, he demonstrates how this vision is applicable to individuals as well.

Truth Matters – Parts 2 and 3


Truth Matters is a series of teachings in which we examine the existence of truth, seek to discover what truth is, and learn what it means to walk in the light of truth. Teachings: The Characteristics of Truth and How Truth is Revealed by Dan Gallagher.

Truth Matters – part 1: Truth Seekers


This teaching, Truth Seekers, explores in detail what it means to be a truth seeker, the value of truth, the price one must be willing to pay for truth, and the qualities that are common to all truth seekers.