Written by Renee Dugan, STF full time staff member

Sensationalized media. Sickness and trauma. Terror threats. Global news stories of war, persecution, the tyranny against freedom in everyday life—let’s face it. On a day-to-day basis, our peace is under attack.

We live in a day and age when most people can’t make it through a single day without coming under stress. Whether it’s family stress, emotional stress, physical, mental, or an empathetic pressure for the pain of the fallen world around us, we face a constant bombardment from an enemy who wants to wear down our threshold of peace. His ultimate goal is probably to have us in weeping puddles of stress-induced tears. I’ve been there myself a few times. The atmosphere of this age is such that it’s hard for anyone—and especially Christians—to keep their peace as they face the darkness looking for a foothold any way it can.

Luckily, we are not unequipped to face this life. Before his crucifixion, Jesus spoke five particularly powerful words: “My peace I give you.” This was the same peace that would allow Jesus to face torture and torment, even death, for the joy set before him. He had a peace of hope, knowing that God stood with him, that his father did not abandon him in his darkest hour. This same peace was given to us by Jesus, and we in turn must protect it. This can sometimes involve prayer, fellowship with others, reading the Bible and even spending some quality time with loved ones who help us to focus our minds and rid ourselves of stress. I have personally found myself much better equipped to handle stress if I spend mornings in fellowship with my husband and with the Lord. Staying centered on peace looks different for everyone, so everyone must take the individual time to learn how to guard their hearts and minds and combat the wiles of our peace-stealing enemy and his minions.

God has equipped us to stand strong through the turmoil of this life with a peace that passes understanding. Work hard to guard your peace!