I recently read a quote that seemed like such an obvious truth in retrospect, yet I’d never considered it before. The writer pointed out that “If you had never existed, nothing would be the same. Everywhere you’ve been, every person you’ve ever interacted with, would have a different life experience…just because you were not there.”

The Part You Play is Irreplaceable

Sometimes, it can be hard not to feel insignificant…as if our lives are short, soft shouts into the endless macrocosm of life. And yet it’s true that as objects of mass and energy—creatures of matter—we displace the world around us as we move. And as with most things in life, the world around us is a reflection of God’s greater design for all of us.

There is a purpose in God’s great plan for all of the world, for all of creation, and you play an irreplaceable part in it. The eyes of the One who sees all things, see you as well…your individual importance, your significance as one of many priceless parts of the Body of Christ. You were made to matter, with gifts and talents that no one else can bring to the God’s family—and to the world. And that being the case, God’s plan for the world would not be the same without the part that you play in it. As famous Christian author Max Lucado said: “You were made on purpose, for a purpose.”

Created with Intentionality

You will never be expendable to God, and the calling you have in the Body of Christ is no less important than another’s—whether it’s a visible or reserved role that you fulfill. God’s great desire for you is that you would seek and find a way to sow seeds with your heavenly gifts and callings to spread love and truth, to break shackles and shine light from the hilltops of a broken world.

They need you. He made you to be needed in the fight to win souls to life everlasting. And the witness of every Christian’s existence is that, like our Savior Jesus who was the ultimate plan for redemption—we, too, have a purpose and a direction. Our lives have intentionality, and we were not created as short shouts into the abyss. We were not made to be forgotten – our lives are remembered forever by the loving Father who fashioned us. We are warriors, we are the called, we are beloved, we are the Body of Christ…we are Jesus-followers.


Let’s displace the boundaries of this world as we move through it. Let’s show others that their lives have meaning. Let’s bring them to the only place where they can experience their true worth and calling… in the plan of the Creator who made them on purpose, for a purpose.