Sadly many Christians are misled in their thinking that if they do good, then all will be well. Much of this comes from Old Covenant thinking based on Leviticus 26. In essence, God told Israel that if they worshipped him alone and obeyed all that He commanded, that then all would be well for them. There would be plenty of rain, abundant harvests, no wild animals attacking, and their enemies would be put to flight. This is the basis for many of the “Faith Movements,” and numerous preachers have built entire theologies on God promising His followers abundance and prosperity. But there are a number of problems with this.

One problem people have is that they fail to understand that Leviticus 26 was not a promise to people as individuals. It is a promise to Israel as a nation, a people-group. If they as a nation didn’t obey, then even the righteous individuals would suffer calamity, which is exactly what the record shows when the obedient were still carried away to captivity in Babylon, their crops failed, and many died.

People love the Old Covenant because it could act as a checklist so you would know how you are doing. Today we live in the reality of the New Covenant, which means we have to learn to walk by the spirit and not by the letter of the Law. The New Covenant Law is the law of love, which is summed up in “Love God—love your neighbor.” Oh, and we have no guarantee that when we do good that it will be well—at least in this life. Instead Jesus clearly told his followers to, “Do good and you should expect to be persecuted and suffer for his name’s sake,” BUT WE WILL BE RESURRECTED! And that is what it is all about!

There are many aspects to the New Covenant that came with Christ, so let’s make sure we change our thinking to align with it, because it is “out with the Old and in with the New!”