For the majority of history, travel has never been considered comfortable. In fact, the very word itself is a derivative of the word “travail,” which is defined as a “painful or laborious effort.” This makes sense when you consider that in the ancient world travel included long walks in the hot sun, rain, or cold, nights spent in terrible accommodations if there were even any available, and then the ever present danger of robbers. So considering all of that, modern day travel is like a leisurely walk in the park. Nevertheless, one of the pitfalls of modern air travel is the need to accept delays and wasted time sitting in terminals. The more I travel the more I have come to accept that delays, wasting time in airports, and lots of boredom are all part of the journey.

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Electronic escape from boredom

In an effort to alleviate the monotonous moments, the experienced modern day traveler has adapted to using all kinds of electronic mobile devices. A quick look around the airport reveals people listening to music devices or engrossed in a novel on an e-reader. The fact is that nowadays we have all sorts of compact electronic gadgets available such as phones, music and movie players, tablets, and laptop computers, all of which are designed to relieve boredom. But one of the downfalls of all these devices is that they rely on battery power, and that means that at some point you have to find somewhere to “plug-in” so you can recharge.

An electrical junkie needing a fix

Despite the great sophistication of these marvels of technology, without a power charge they soon become nothing more than a dead brick. On a recent trip this reality really hit home for me when, with my batteries almost depleted and my devices a breath away from death, I felt like an electrical junkie looking for his power fix as I anxiously scanned the airport walls in search of an available electrical outlet.

Plugging into the ultimate source of power

As I plugged my phone into the wall outlet the thought hit me that, even more importantly than charging my phone, I need to make sure I am plugging into God, the ultimate power source. Without a purposeful and consistent effort to plug into Him I lose my effectiveness. And also like my phone, I too need a convertor in order connect to God. Thankfully Jesus is the mediator, the convertor, that provides us access to the Creator. He made it clear that he was the vine and we were the branches, and we cannot bear fruit unless we are connected—plugged in—to him (John 15:1-4).

There are lots of times when we can feel down, depressed, or just plain old disconnected from God. When our spiritual batteries seem to wane, we can get the power boost we need in a number of different ways. Below are three useful ways I use to get my spiritual batteries recharged.

1. Plug in to God through Jesus as the written word
Jesus is the subject of the entire Bible, God’s Word, so we can be refreshed when we read it. Sure it is good to study God’s Word, but oftentimes we can get the boost we need if we just read it and then let His words soak into our souls. They are the “words of life,” and have been a source of great inspiration for many men and women through the ages. Getting my head into God’s Word lifts me up as I get my thoughts back on track with God’s thoughts.

2. Plug in to God through Jesus as the living Word
Developing a personal relationship with Jesus is necessary for connection to God. We can do this through spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation on his words and his works. There are many times when I have an honest conversation with Jesus as my friend, pouring out to him my frustrations, disappointments, and even anger. But I also take the time to tell him how thankful I am, to praise him, and use moments of silence to seek his guidance. Many times the inspiration and refreshment comes in moments of silence as I reflect on his presence with me.

3. Plug in to God through the Body of Christ
Although Jesus is not physically present with us on earth today, he is alive and well as he operates through all the members of the Body of Christ. The Bible states clearly that it is “Christ in us,” his followers, and so oftentimes our recharging comes about as we plug into God via the others in the Body. There have been innumerable times in my life when my refreshment and spiritual vigor are the result of Jesus speaking words of encouragement, exhortation, and comfort to me on the lips of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Take Away

To stay spiritually charged, take the time plug in to God using the convertor, Jesus!