What is Something Worth?

How do we know what something is worth? In real estate there has been a saying that a home or property is only worth what someone is willing to pay. When you think about it, that really makes a lot of sense. You can put a million dollar price tag on your home but if people are only willing to pay half that for it, then it is only worth half of what you are asking. Every buyer and seller is bound by this economic reality. Even a successful computer company like Apple could have a wonderful and phenomenally advanced tech product, but they have to price it at a point that the consumer is willing to pay. The success of their company depends on it.

This same principle even applies to people, sadly though most have no idea of their own worth. People throughout the world struggle with issues of low self-worth and  self-esteem because they don’t understand what they are worth.  When we apply the principle of valuation to people, the principle that an item is only worth what another is willing to pay for it, we realize that humans are priceless. The reason is that God established a person’s value as priceless when he paid the ultimate price for all mankind, the priceless life of his son Jesus.

I can’t help but think how different the world would be if we genuinely believed that everyone was priceless and treated one another as so. The next time you begin to question your self worth, have depressing thoughts of worthlessness, or devalue yourself or anyone else that way, just stop and remind yourself that to God you and all those you see are priceless—because that’s the price He paid for everyone.