A number of years ago I was in a business meeting during which we were deliberating over a tough situation. In times like that we can have a tendency to let our minds become overloaded with all the possible scenarios and outcomes. Following all the “what ifs” and “maybes” can be like a rabbit zigging and zagging across a field. Soon it seemed like we were all stuck, immobilized by an overwhelming number of choices.

Then someone spoke up and said, “What we just need to focus on is doing the next right thing.” Things in the room shifted and we all leaped forward as the wisdom from those words settled in. As time marches on and I am faced daily with the need to make choices, some of which can have a major impact on my life or the lives of others, I have realized that doing the next right thing is really a simple definition of prudence.

Prudence is not spoken of much nowadays, but God tells us that prudence is something we all need and should desire. Prudence only comes through discipline, experience, and practice. When we learn to walk with prudence we will be making the right choice, doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons. Prudence is what will show us the right, fair, and just path—every good path (Pro. 2:9)