Yesterday the front page of my local newspaper described the wonderful rescue of nine people lost on the slopes of Mt. McLoughlin. It is a steep mountain, the remains of an ancient lava cone that is one of the mountains in the Cascade Range of southern Oregon. Every year people attempt to ascend it’s vertical slopes so they can claim the right to say they have conquered it, and every year people also find tragedy instead of victory as they become lost or engulfed in the dangers of its steep and frigid heights. The rescue succeeded as hundreds of people on foot, horseback, and in the sky scouring the slopes for signs of life.

Rescues such as this grab everyone’s attention and they should because lives were on the line. And yet, how little people think of the spiritual reality that real lives are in jeopardy of being lost forever if they miss out on the call of God’s Search and Rescue Team. Jesus spoke often of this reality. He described the Good Shepherd who searches for one lost sheep, the worth of every person, and God’s desire that no one should be lost. If you have found the Way, Jesus Christ, then you are on God’s Search and Rescue Team and you have a responsibility to help others who are still lost. Make a commitment to reach out to someone today, you never know…they may just be looking for someone to come and help rescue them from certain everlasting death.