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True Grit

by Dan Gallagher

John Wayne, affectionately called “the Duke,” is a legend for the many famous western-style movies he acted in. If you are a Wild West aficionado like me, then you will readily recognize movie titles he starred in: The Shootist, El Dorado, Big Jake, and many more. Of all the famous movies the Duke played in, […]

Time for some pruning!

by Dan Gallagher

Pruning is a natural process, one that God has designed for the care and health of all plants. It is the removal of the parts of a plant that are not beneficial for its overall health and growth. The process of pruning removes those parts of the plant that are unhealthy, diseased, unproductive, or growing […]

Prudence—Learning to do the next right thing.

by Dan Gallagher

A number of years ago I was in a business meeting during which we were deliberating over a tough situation. In times like that we can have a tendency to let our minds become overloaded with all the possible scenarios and outcomes. Following all the “what ifs” and “maybes” can be like a rabbit zigging […]

How’s Your Memory?

by Dan Gallagher

Have you ever been in a situation where someone accuses you of saying or doing things that you are convinced you never did, or at least not the way someone else is now portraying it? This is the cause of great division and the source of many relationship breakdowns. Most people accept that their memory […]

Motorcycling and Spiritual Journey

by Dan Gallagher

The last few weeks I have enjoyed my Sunday evenings riding my motorcycle. I love to take off and head up the winding mountain roads near my home. A twist of the throttle and a few curves later and my mind clears as I enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh smells of the open road. […]

Learning To Ride A Bike

by Dan Gallagher

Most all children undergo the right of passage of learning to ride a bicycle. It is a big step on their journey of growth and marks a time when they begin to be more coordinated and even independent. After four previously failed attempts, this past week I ran along side my son as he conquered […]