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True Grit

by Dan Gallagher

John Wayne, affectionately called “the Duke,” is a legend for the many famous western-style movies he acted in. If you are a Wild West aficionado like me, then you will readily recognize movie titles he starred in: The Shootist, El Dorado, Big Jake, and many more. Of all the famous movies the Duke played in, […]

Hope Fuels Passion for Life

by Dan Gallagher

Recently my local newspaper reported an amazing story of survival about a Colorado woman who drove off a steep mountain road. After losing control on a curve, her car flew off a 120 foot cliff, crashed through the tree tops, and finally came to rest down the hillside upside down in an area where no […]

Hope is vital for life

by Dan Gallagher

A number of years ago I heard a story about the terrible mental and physical effects of life in a Soviet gulag, a prison camp in the remote Siberian tundra. The story is that prisoners were sent to the prisons and many lost all hope of every getting out alive. The climate and distance of […]

Living With Hope

by Dan Gallagher

One of the most defeating emotions people experience is hopelessness, that feeling of having no remedy to a problem. It is described as a sense of helplessness and despair. For some it can feel like you are drowning or sinking in mud, not knowing which way to turn.  God, the Creator of all life, knows […]