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A House of Peace

by Dan Gallagher

Dedicated to my sister, Bridgit Gallagher-Strachan A number of years ago, I was at my older sister’s home when a few of her grandkids began to argue with each other. It caught me off guard that, as the exchange slowly escalated, my sister broke in and simply said three words: “House of peace!” To my […]

My Peace I Give You!

by Dan Gallagher

Written by Renee Dugan, STF full time staff member Sensationalized media. Sickness and trauma. Terror threats. Global news stories of war, persecution, the tyranny against freedom in everyday life—let’s face it. On a day-to-day basis, our peace is under attack. We live in a day and age when most people can’t make it through a […]

The Power of a Smile

by Dan Gallagher

Yesterday my brother sent me an article that reminded me of the power of a smile. It was a great article and it reminded me of a life lesson I learned many years ago. As simple as it can be, a smile has the amazing capacity to open the doors to success and happiness. The […]