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True Grit

by Dan Gallagher

John Wayne, affectionately called “the Duke,” is a legend for the many famous western-style movies he acted in. If you are a Wild West aficionado like me, then you will readily recognize movie titles he starred in: The Shootist, El Dorado, Big Jake, and many more. Of all the famous movies the Duke played in, […]

Motorcycling and Spiritual Journey

by Dan Gallagher

The last few weeks I have enjoyed my Sunday evenings riding my motorcycle. I love to take off and head up the winding mountain roads near my home. A twist of the throttle and a few curves later and my mind clears as I enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh smells of the open road. […]

A Shoe Lace Victory

by Dan Gallagher

Do you remember the first time you ever tied your shoelaces by yourself? I do! It was a thrill to know that I had finally conquered those wormy little pieces of lace and managed to direct them into the functioning form of two ears held together by a wrap. Last night I bought my son […]