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God’s Aggressive Love

by Dan Gallagher

Oftentimes when we think of love we relate to it as something that is soft and kind, kind of like a gentle down pillow, soft to the touch and calling out to you, “Come and hug me!” Although God’s love may at times be like that, it also has a very aggressive and powerful side […]

Learn to Make Someone Unhappy

by Dan Gallagher

From the time we are small children we internalize that it is our job to make those around us happy, but this is really not true or healthy. Sadly, oftentimes this results in many adults who really struggle when their actions cause others to be unhappy. Some people have such a difficult time with this […]

The Four Apocalyptic Horsemen of Relationship Breakdowns

by Dan Gallagher

Conflicts in relationships are inevitable, but when they happen we must exercise great care to not involve one of the four apocalyptic horsemen of relationship. The book of Revelation speaks of four horsemen that are released with the opening of the first of seven seals. The horsemen of Revelation usher in a time of conquest, […]