When I was a kid growing up my dad used to shut the Hardware Store and Lumber Yard once a year so we could take a complete inventory of all the merchandise. Nowadays all the goods in a store are bar-coded and maintaining an accurate inventory is a relatively simple matter. Every sale and every stock purchase is automatically adjusted in the electronic database, whereas fifty years ago we had to adjust the master records once a year. This was a necessary procedure to determine our true profit and loss position, as well as determining the amount of loss due to pilferage, or embezzlement, and so forth. Although “taking inventory” was a tedious ordeal, it was very necessary and beneficial to running a successful business.

Taking a periodic personal inventory of our selves is something that everyone could benefit from too. When you take the time to reflect on your life story, how you got to where you are, where you are heading, the things you would like to change, or enhance, then you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, vulnerabilities and giftings. The goal is to identify things your doing well, and not so well, and then take the steps to change things. I’ve reached many major points of decision and made many life changes as the result of stopping and taking inventory.