Every farmer knows that the harvest they will one day reap is determined by what they sow. The field does not care what is planted, it will accept and nourish any kind of seed. If the farmer plants bad seed, such as weeds, then they do not expect to reap a harvest of wheat. They know that the better the seed they plant, the better the harvest they can expect. It is a basic lesson of life.

So too we must always remember that our lives are very much like the farmer, the field and the seed. We must be careful to take the time and develop an awareness of what we are planting. Every thought we hold is very much like a seed, think bad and you will do bad. We cannot always determine the thoughts we have, but we can control whether we allow them to be planted or not. We will not reap peace, love, and joy if we are sowing discord, unforgiveness, and bitterness. We control the seed, so we also can determine the harvest. Make sure that you are planting well.