What a powerful thing it is to be children of the One who redeemed all mankind through the sacrifice of His Son.

The One who reaped us back from death. Who does more abundantly for us than we could ever even think to ask.

And how often do we neglect to ask? How often do we try to put brokenness back together with our own hands?

What broken pieces have scarred your hands that you should have given up to Him? And why? Is it guilt? Shame? Stubbornness? Pride?

What is keeping you from giving these things to the Redeemer?

Consider deeply.

What have you committed to the Lord that you feel you’ve fallen short in or fallen away from?

Is there an area of your life you dedicated to Him, only to lose your focus later?

Are you Simon Peter? What are the waves around you? Have you asked Jesus to quiet those storming waters?

Our God is a God of second chances—and third chances, and fourth changes. So many chances. He is invested in us. In our success. In teaching and training us to trust Him and turn to Him in all things.

What did you once hold precious and true that you now feel is lost?

Did you know God can redeem it all? Every last thing that you’ve given up, he can redeem—He can make beauty from ashes. Can make a life-changing lesson from a mistake. He heals the broken-hearted and rebuilds from absolute ruin.

There is no need for shame. Do not let fear keep you from coming to the healer of nations.

Bring your brokenness and your sorrow and the things you’ve given up to him. And let the Redeemer redeem.