Over the course of the past few weeks I have been preparing notes for a presentation I will be doing on the Spiritual Battle and the Nature of the Enemy at an upcoming conference. Having immersed myself in this topic, I now find that I am much more sensitive to the subject. It is kind of like what happens to me when after I buy a particular item. I then begin to notice everyone else on the road that is driving the same car, or everyone else with the same kind of phone. Like the safecracker who has developed a greater sensitivity in his fingertips, I level of discernment seems to have amplified.

One of our spiritual Enemies primary tactics is deceit. Deceit is what helps him stay concealed, work in the dark behind the scenes, be a master counterfeiter, and promoter of lies. He is so good at it that he can even get people to believe the good is evil and evil good.(Isa 5:20). How does he do that? Mostly by desensitizing people to evil in slow incremental steps. Like slowly turning up the heat on the frog in the pot of water. Before you know it, you are in boiling water and you never even felt the heat until it was too late.

Last night Lori and caught a break and had a date night, thanks to my wonderful sister Teresa who watched the kids for us. After a nice dinner we went to a movie. As I sat through the trailers I was amazed. One after another the trailers promoted movies with very corrupt themes, images, and language. A move of desensitization to evil at its best! Don’t let him lull you spiritual slumber with his sirens call.