More than a few Christians I’ve talked to over the years have struggled with understanding just what is truly asked of us when we’re called to “praise” or “worship” God. When the Bible tells us we’ll be worshiping God to the ages of the ages, does that meant just one giant Hillsong concert in Heaven? Is praise an aspect of prayer? What do those words really mean?

For now, I want to focus on what praise is. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “praise” as “to express favorable judgment of [something]; to glorify, especially by the attributes of perfection.”

 So when we praise God, what we’re doing is giving glory to Him, and especially to His attributes of perfection!. This is certainly something that can be done in song and in prayer, but there’s another aspect that’s wrapped up not just in our words of praise, but in our very way of being.

We can praise with our lips all day long, and that does honor God; but are we praising Him with how we live our lives as well?

The Book of Ephesians speaks several times of things being “to the praise of God’s glory.” One of the things it addresses is us! WE are to be to the praise of God’s glory—not just to praise him with our lips, but to make our choices, our behavior, and our everyday life a source of praise to Him. This means that we offer praise to God with our conduct, not just our words.

And more than that! We can be a reason that other people praise our Father in Heaven, too. The manner in which we walk out our lives can reflect on the glory of the One who created us and act as His provision for others, in unfathomable ways!

So while we make an effort to better praise God with our mouths, let’s also measure our walk with Him and do our best to ensure that we are living our lives to the praise of God’s glory.