One of the unintended consequences of our “modern” times is the production of toxic waste. The race for space and many of our other modern pursuits has produced a plethora of man made toxic, and often-lethal chemical substances. No sane person would ever desire to live near a toxic waste dump, or even intentionally ingest it.

Sadly, many still fail to recognize how toxic thinking can be just as harmful to brains and bodies as toxic waste. Toxic thinking is habitual patterns of thought that distort our reality, interfere with relationships, and can cause outright serious mental health and emotional problems. Some types of toxic thinking are negative self talk, bitterness, unforgiveness, envy, pride, rage, etc.

One of the great things about the way God designed the brain is it has neuroplasticity, it can be changed and transformed. This means we have the power to change our thinking, which is why God tells us that we have the responsibility to “bring our thoughts captive to Christ,” and to “renew our minds.”