Although it may be true that there are negative aspects of living in a world inundated by technology, I must admit that there are certain aspects of my smart phone that I love. One feature I love and tend to use often is the GPS and map feature. Last summer I moved to a new city, so the mapping feature proved especially helpful in finding government offices, banks, post offices and all the other places we tend to need. But it is also very helpful in making suggestions, such as if I am hungry for Mexican food, it can make suggestions and route me to them.

Through the Global Positioning System (GPS), the phone knows your present location, so to go somewhere you merely enter the location you desire and the app gives you a suggested route, along with the distance and the amount of time it will take to drive there. Although the map application (app for short) will usually also provide you with one or two other alternates routes, the way you decide to go is, of course, always your choice.

As I considered the features and functions of the map app, I realized that there are some similarities between it and the way God works with us. If I know I need a particular type of vendor, but have no idea who they are, the map app gives me the suggestion of who to seek out. Similarly, if I am uncertain about a direction to go in my life, I can seek help from God and He will gladly provide me aid. And like the navigation system, God does not tell me the exact course I have to take; instead He gives me the right to exercise my choice between the possibilities presented to me.

Many Christians believe that God is CONTROLLING everything in their lives, as if He is the Puppet master and they are the puppets on the strings. They treat God like they can take their hands away from the steering wheel and He will drive the car for them. But the navigation system doesn’t work that way, and neither does God.

God never wants us to take our hands off the steering wheel of our lives. He wants us to actively drive, but in the right direction, following His advice like the suggested routes of the navigation system—the ones that will get us to our location as painlessly as possible. Instead of Him driving for us, He places His hands over ours and helps give us the strength to do the things we aren’t strong enough to do on our own. He will also nudge us in the right direction, but He will never drive our lives for us. That’s our responsibility, and that is why we are greatly rewarded for making the right choices!

The next time you go to use your map app think about how God also wants to get you to the right destination, using the best route, but you need to do the driving.