It seems like nowadays, zombies are everywhere. From movies and television to clothing, accessories, books, and costumes, the “undead” genre is rapidly gaining something of a cult following.

What are zombies, by the way? Basically they’re human husks whose only desire is to consume (and apparently create jump-scares for viewers). They shamble aimlessly around a stricken landscape looking for their next meal, moaning and shrieking except when they’re in stealth mode for maximum scare-tactic, popping up in the most inconvenient moments and devouring the bodies and hearts of their victims. Other than to feed, they have no real direction in life—or afterlife. They just exist.

Funny to think that spiritually, we all start out like “zombies.”

Ephesians 2 tells us that as alive as we are physically, spiritually we all started out as dead people walking around in our transgressions and sins—the wages of which are indeed death (Rom. 6:23)—subject to the ways of this world and the corrupt one who rules it. We were all the spiritual undead shuffling through life, looking for something to consume according to our fleshly desires with a kind of rabid anger, just like everyone else. Our only desire in that state was to consume what made us feel good, what Paul in Ephesians calls “the passions of our flesh.”

Yet at some point, every child of God chose to reach out for the cure for this death. We decided that rather than being the walking dead, we wanted to be the walking alive. We wanted a better place than our stricken landscape, and a better hope than to be enslaved to the ways of this world. We wanted a purpose in life under the calling of the only one who could truly turn our dead state to life. So we cast off our shackles of mindless consumption and embraced the gracious gift of God for spiritual life, awakening, and salvation. We are no longer purposeless consumers but active members of a living force to take back the world and bring light to it.

For some of us, this redemption happened so early in life we don’t really remember what it felt like to live in that place of spiritual death. For others, that time is still near and vivid, sometimes soberingly so. But what unites us all is that, as God tells us, we all come from this same place of death into life—whether we remembered it clearly or not. We all were once dead in transgressions and sins; now we are all made alive in Christ, who by laying down his own sinless life on the Cross forged a bridge across that gap from death to life for us.

Now, in Christ, all who believe—regardless of their origins—have been rescued from the state of death and brought into a life of purpose, with a glorious future seated in the heavenlies with the one who saved us.

On the toughest days of living our Christian faith, when there is division or devastation or when you simply feel like you’re walking dead again, remember your true spiritual identity: you are alive in Christ, as are all your brothers and sisters in the One Body of Christ. You no longer wander aimlessly, devoid of holy spirit, bereft of purpose and future. You have been given a new life through your belief in the resurrected Christ. And it’s time to start walking alive!