Music is one of my favorite things in life. I probably listen to a good 5 hours of music—at least!—every day. Even as I write this blog! (If you’ve never heard Cimorelli’s mashup of I Can Only Imagine/What A Beautiful Name It Is, you are missing OUT.)

I like to think I come very honestly by my love of music. My entire family is musical – in my case, not musically talented, just musically inclined. As a kid, I remember the tug-of-war my brother and I would play for who got to choose the music (since in those days, I did not yet have the magical ability to put in headphones and listen to my OWN tunes). This was a huge point of contention because our tastes are—and have always been—so different! Yet our passion for that music is equal in every way.

I find myself drawn often to the verse in Ephesians 4 that talks about the different functions God has called people to—apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers—and how important these varied roles are in the Body of Christ; and you only need to set foot in a Christian congregation to know the gifts there are as diverse as the people themselves!

Like a favorite song, we each have a gift placed in us that is unique. It is no more or less important than anyone else’s. Much the same, my brother may not love every song I love, but does that make my love for that song any less valid? Not at all!

Christ’s Body thrives on diversity. Your unique gift—the song YOU sing in the great harmony of God’s story—is indispensable! And I encourage you to embrace that!

Seek out God’s heart for how to make the most of your ministry and sing YOUR song to the praise of His Glory!