Hey, brothers and sisters!

In fall 2020, we started a brand-new blog series called “What’s In A Word?” This series takes a look at different words that show up in the Bible and throughout Christendom and explores their meaning from a practical and Scriptural view.

We wanted to let you know that beginning in JANUARY 2020, you can find the continuation of the WHAT’S IN A WORD blog series at it’s new home – on TruthOrTradition.com! Visit the website and subscribe to receive weekly email updates when the new blogs are posted on FRIDAYS.

Here on STFOnline.org, old favorite blogs will continue to be available along with new insights.

Thank you so much for reading! We pray these blogs are a great blessing to you and that you will continue to enjoy them on TruthOrTradition.com in 2020.

We love you!