Modern technology has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that nowadays many people have “smart phones,” which do a whole lot more than merely allowing people to talk to one another. They are literally small personal computers that connect to the Internet, play music, keep your contacts, store your calendar, and more.

One of the features I love on my phones is its “Bluetooth” ability. This is a feature that allows it to send a wireless signal to other devices such as my car radio or home stereo. In the car, I can hear and speak to the other caller “hands free” which means with less distraction from the phone. At home, I can play music on my phone and broadcast it through the higher-quality speakers of the stereo.

In order for my phone and stereo to work together, they must first be “paired.” Pairing occurs when the stereo tunes to the same frequency as the phone that is sending the signal. There is a short period of time when the devices are searching and trying to synchronize their signals. Then, once they connect, the speaker announces, “You are now paired.”

The other day when my phone and stereo synced and I heard the stereo announce, “You are now paired,” it reminded me of our spiritual need to be paired with God. Frequently when God is sending out the signal, I fail to “connect” to Him because I am not “paired”—that is, I am not on the same frequency. When we start each day we should take the time to get “synced” with Him. Experience has taught me that it doesn’t take a lot to get my mind tuned God’s signal. And what an amazing feeling it is when I know I am “paired” with my Heavenly Father, both of us sending and receiving spiritual signals to one another throughout the day.