Spending a year looking deep into the Book of Ephesians with family, friends, and brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ taught me a lot. It taught me about the depths and richness of the story God built into this world and this life; about our standing with God, with Jesus, with each other; about the grace we’ve been given and how we should walk out our lives in response to that grace.

One thing I’ve learned and will never forget about all of this is that we each have a purpose to fulfill within the purpose of God—the plan of the ages.

Do you think you’re insignificant? A tack-on to the aftermath of the plan? An inconsequential droplet of ink cast off on the corner of the story, of no value to the story of the ages woven together since the beginning of time?

Because you are not. You’re none of those things.

You are a member in particular of the Body of Christ. You are a part of the holy habitat built of the family of God. You are one of the dead awakened to new life, a part of God’s team. Adopted, paid for by the blood, defined by your identity in Jesus Christ who you serve. Walking alive, covered in the peace of Jesus, prayed for by believers who came centuries, millennia, even, before you. Rooted and grounded in love, you can come boldly before God. You are not a stranger, not forgotten, not inconsequential. You were ransomed from darkness to light, and now it’s time to fix on your armor and stand.

Seek God. Imitate Jesus. Embrace your purpose within the purpose of the ages, and walk it out in a way worthy of the calling to which you’ve been called.

We are here, we are home in Christ, we are one Body with no walls between us. Planned before the foundations of the world, called and redeemed, fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s time to cast off the shackles of death and walk alive, brother and sisters.

It’s time to do what we were made to do: to bring the truth of Jesus, the love of God, and the story of redemption to hungry hearts all over the world.